Product Descriptions

The Classic BonBon
(Shown: Orange)

The Bon Bath Bar

Bon Sugar Polish

 Bon Fizzies

Bon Rosehip
Facial Creme

Bon Cocoa Therapy Creme
The Classic BonBon:
Our signature soap features all of the luxury of your favorite confections, without the calories!  Made with real cocoa, these soothing soaps provide your with all of the joy of indulging with none of the guilt - except that you stayed in the shower too long!  Current flavors include Raspberry (shown far left), Buttercream, Coconut (shown on our album page), Orange (left), and Caramel Macchiato - a favorite with coffee lovers! 

The Bon Bath Bar:
Our custom bath soaps are all but ordinary.  Choose from our wide seasonal fragrance collection or, better yet, ask us to make a batch all for you - the ultimate in decadance!  We have over 100 scents - both essential aromatherapy oils and the scents you desire most, so be daring.  Custom batches produce between 10-12 bars (depending on the molds we use).  That's enough to share with friends and family, or give as a special occasion token!  We will work with you to design packaging to meet your needs, as well!

Bon Sugar Polishes:
These are nourishing treats to exfolite and soothe your skin.  Just cleanse with your favorite Bon soap, then rub on our Sugar Polish.  The sugar helps loosen dead skin cells, while Avocado and Aloe Vera Oil moisturizes.  Rinse off the sugar and feel your new happy skin!

Bon Fizzies:
These are bubbly little treats that fizz and dance their way into your hearts and onto your skin!  Made with baking soda, essential oils and oils of Aloe Vera and Almond, just to name a few, they effervesce to distribute sweet smelling and nourishing oils throughout your bath water.  Fun, no matter how you splash it!

Bon Rosehip Creme:
Rosehip oil and Rose Petal Extract are just two of the splendid ingredients that make this rich facial creme such a treat! You'll feel like you've been painted a rose bouquet, as essences of geranium and yarrow work on a canvas of Avocado, Aloe, and Shea to deliver moisture to your skin.  

Bon Cocoa Therapy Creme:
This is one of the richest cremes you'll ever find in a tube!  Shea and Cocoa Butter partner with Tea Tree and Stress Relieving aromatherapy oils to provide relief to dry chaffing skin.  Designed for my sister-in-law, this lotion has proven to be one of our most popular items.  A little goes a long, long way!

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